Started: December 2012

Genre: Classic Rock

Influences: Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Iron Maiden, Green Day and Rolling Stones

Current Location: Reading, Berkshire, UK

Record Label: Unsigned


Andre Christie – Drums
Andre has been playing drums for around 5 years, and can also play bass. He has been in previous bands, before Sikamor.

Jamie Bell – Rhythm Guitar
Jamie has been playing guitar for under a year, and has already progressed to a gigging standard. He and can also play drums and keyboard.

Jack Knight – Lead Guitar
Jack has been playing guitar for 3 years, and is a human jukebox of classic rock and blues riffs. He can also play drums and keyboard.

Ben Raggett – Bass Guitar / Drums
Ben has been playing drum for 3 years and bass for under a year. He can also play keyboard.


Currently looking for a Singer – please contact us for more information

t: 0118 669 889

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